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Migrating data from v5 to v6

Before migrating data from version 5 to the latest version 6 make sure that you are using version 5 build 304.
To see your build number start version 5 go to "Help -> About" inside CoRe application menu(see example).
Download and save on your computer and then run CoRe 5.0 Update 5.0.0304 - 29.9 MB
When installing this update make sure you are connected to the Internet.
If you have any questions please contact our technical support.

Version 6 update

Download, save, and install the latest v6 update CoRe 6.1 Update 6.1.62 - 90.3 MB
Click here for the software installation guide

Most important changes since build 6.0.586:

  • Flexible auto communication schedule
  • Automatic translation of the user interface and data objects
  • Improved Windows 8.x and high resolution screens compatibility
  • Improved evaluation workflow user interface
  • Analytic evaluation
  • Fixed a few problems:
    • Failure to import/export a big client data set with Cyber Anatomy evaluations
    • Implemented automatic fix for occasional data corruption scenarios
    • Missing images when printing long reports
    • Some problems with passing data to Cyber Anatomy
    • Inconsistent import of screens data

Database Additions and Updates

1. Translations of components in the Communication Screen for German, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese Download - 104 KB

2. Screen Updates Download - 58.8 KB

3. Frequency List and Translation Update Download - 10.5 MB

4. Italian fields, modes, matrix and indicators update Download 713 Kb

5. EMDR Animated Background Images Download 32.6 Mb

6. Jewish Symbols Download 438 Kb

7. Communication Intents Download 29.8 Kb

8. New body scan screen with objects, module and background (updated on January 2014)Download 1.1 Mb

9. Italian translation for emotional reason-reaction-1 Download 875 Kb

10. Italian translation for emotional reason-reaction-2 Download 1.4 Mb

11. Medical application updated images Download 5.5 Mb

After downloading the files above start v6, click on Utilities, Import Objects and import the downloaded files.

Do not try to open the downloaded files just import them as described above.

If windows shows the files above having an extension ".ZIP" you need to rename them to ".CDF".

If you cannot see the extensions and therefore change them, do the following, go to "Control Panel, Folder Options, View" and un-check the line that says: "Hide extensions for known file types", click on "Apply" and "Ok". After these steps you will be able to rename the files as described above.

CoRe 6 Default Images and Sounds Restore Program

(to be used in the case that the CoRe system images disappear)
Download, save on your computer and then run CoRe6images.exe - 590 MB

Version 6 new installation

This software is to be used if you are installing v6 for the first time or you wish to start anew.

Download, save on your computer and then run
CoRe Release 6.0.0566 full install - 1 GB
Click here for the software installation guide
Click here for "version 6 system requirements"
CoRe software will only work with a software protection key. Please contact our sales representative to request it.
If you have already a key, to request a download password, please contact our technical support.
After installation, check for most recent software update. If your build is lower than the update build number, download and install the update.
You have free access to the v6 software for a 14 day trial period.

CoRe System Installation CD/DVD

If you are unable to download the software, an installation CD/DVD could be sent to you.

Contact your sales representative

Short overview of the CoRe 6 functions:

New Quadtrinity Field evaluation

New Communication Screen

The New Virtual doctor

The new EMDR version for CoRe vers 6

Protocol Function

Dual Channel Frequency Therapy

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